OCTOBER 15, 2021

Driven by John Skoyles

Driven is a travelogue in which the narrator reviews his life in the course of twenty four hours. A professor at a small college hopes for something different to happen on the last day of the academic year. And it does. When he leaves his home on Cape Cod for Boston where he teaches, he enters a world both real and imaginary. Two of his passengers are his dead parents. The third is the love of his life from years ago. He navigates issues of loss, class, fame and family as he passes familiar landmarks, stops at the same coffee shops, recalls the dance at the dump, the stories of barflies and entrepreneurs, eccentric colleagues and his newfound sobriety. Is it fiction or nonfiction? That depends on whether or not you believe in ghosts.


Inside Job: New Poems.  Carnegie-Mellon University Press, 2016

Suddenly It’s Evening: Selected Poems. Carnegie-Mellon University Press, 2016

A Moveable Famine
The Moveable Famine
Sag Harbor: The Permanent Press, 2014


The Situation
Pittsburgh: Carnegie Mellon University Press, 2007


Secret Frequencies: A New York Education
Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2003


Generous Strangers and Other Moments from  My Life
New York: Kodansha International, 1999
This is a re-titled paperback reprint of The Smoky  Mountain Cage Bird Society.

Definition of the Soul

Definition of the Soul
Pittsburgh: Carnegie Mellon University Press, 1998


Permanent Change
Pittsburgh: Carnegie Mellon University Press, 1991

A Little Faith

A Little Faith
Pittsburgh: Carnegie Mellon University Press, 1981

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